Oracle Application Server Portal Handbook

Build dynamic, feature-rich enterprise portals using Oracle Application Server Portal and the expert information in this exclusive Oracle Press guide. You’ll learn how to maximize the capabilities of Oracle Application Server Portal, customize your portals, integrate Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports, and add Java functionality. Oracle Application Server Portal Handbook covers all of the design, management, and security features available in Oracle Application Server Portal 10.1.4 alongside real-world solutions.Take full advantage of the built-in tools and wizardsCreate rich end-user experiences quickly and easilyCustomize pages and maintain site-wide consistency using HTML templatesIncorporate data from disparate formats using Oracle Application Server Portal’s content management featuresBuild pages using OmniPortlet and the Web clipping studioWrite portlets with Java and Oracle JDeveloperImplement SOA-based applications to connect business processesAdminister, tune, and secure Oracle Application Server PortalIntegrate Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, and Oracle Discoverer workbooks

PHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects

This practical tutorial has detailed, carefully explained case studiesusing PHP to build new, effective mashup applications, which combinedata from multiple external online sources into an integrated Web 2.0experience. If you are confident with PHP programming and interested inmashing things up, this book is for you! All you need to know aboutformats, protocols, web services, and web APIs is covered as you learnto write PHP code to remotely consume services like Google Maps, Flickr,Amazon, YouTube, MSN Search, Yahoo!,, the Internet UPC Database,and even the California Highway Patrol Traffic data! The 5 real-worldPHP projects each start with an overview of technologies and protocolsneeded and then dive into the tools used and details of creating theproject, and you can download each project's source code. You will learnhow these technologies work with each other and how to use thisinformation, together with your imagination, to build your owncutting-edge websites.

Adobe Photoshop Unmasked: The Art and Science of Selections, Layers, and Paths

Book DescriptionAs the feature list of Adobe Photoshop continues to grow, even users with years of experience can feel overwhelmed by the many tools and methods for selecting or isolating parts of an image. Layers, channels, paths, clipping masks, layer masks, vector masks, the Pen tool, Magic Wand, and so on — all let users work on specific regions of an image, but in fundamentally different ways. Making clean, efficient selections are essential skills for any Photoshop user, whether a graphic designer, professional photographer,or hobbyist.Graphic designer, teacher, and Photoshop expert Nigel French saves you hours of frustration by illuminating the best selection tools and techniques for specific tasks, and the most flexible approaches to correcting and editing images in Photoshop. Using step-by-step examples, this book clarifies often-misunderstood selection methods, shows which masks best select a range of tone or color, and demonstrates how the right tools and techniques can help transform even the most mediocre picture into a polished image, saving you hours of time.• Learn the fundamentals of making selections, and when to choose which method• Blend images and replace backgrounds using layer, vector, and channel masks• Correct color and exposure using adjustment layers• Make next-to-impossible hair selections with channel masks• Create a non-destructive workflow, giving you total creative freedom

A Short Course in Canon EOS Digital Rebel Photography

This book/eBook package is your guide to getting more interesting and creative photos with your Canon EOS Digital Rebel digital camera--called the EOS 300D in some countries. If you want to learn more about the concepts of photography, this book/ebook is for you. It discusses every camera setting in a clear, well-illustrated style, but it also does much more. You'll see why and when you use specific settings, not just how to set them. You’ll find that this guide helps you quickly master your camera so you’ll be getting the kinds of photos you hope for. The book is printed in black & white and has a well-liked spiral binding that lets the book lie flat or be folded back. The accompanying eBook on a CD disc is a printable and searchable full-color version of the same book in Adobe's popular PDF format. It can be read on a PC or Mac using the free Acrobat Reader or any current Web browser. The CD also includes trial versions of a few of the author's favorite programs

The Digital SLR Guide: Beyond Point-and-Shoot Digital Photography

Have you stepped up to a digital single-lens-reflex (dSLR) camera only to find the range of capabilities daunting? Combining features traditionally found on 35mm film cameras — precise shutter speed and exposure settings, interchangeable lenses and accessories, superior image quality — with the ease and storage capacity of digital cameras, a dSLR is a powerful new tool that can create truly great digital pictures. But the learning curve for photographers moving from the point-and-shoot digital world can be formidable. In this book, photo-grapher and industry consultant Jon Canfield shows you how to take full advantage of dSLR photography, illuminating the entire process with nuggets of hard-won expertise. He also shows you how to use popular image-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements to improve your images.The Digital SLR Guide is brimming with tips and tricks for getting the most from your equipment. The book is heavily illustrated with images and provides everything you need to know about choosing and using dSLR cameras and equipment.You’ll learn how to:• Get the right stuff. Explore popular digital SLR cameras and compare accessories, such as lenses, flashes, and filters.• Learn the camera inside and out. Master dSLR camera controls and advanced features for maximum impact.• shoot like an expert. Cut to the chase with innovative, time-saving, and creative photography techniques.• Edit your images. Use Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to make your pictures even better.• Boost quality. Work with high-quality raw capture modes for the best possible photos.